Zan Perrion & The Fearless Man – Upcoming Attraction Bootcamp in Las Vegas

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About Zan Perrion
Zan is an internationally acclaimed writer and professional speaker with a wonderful ability to inform and inspire audiences toward excellence in all aspects of life.

Over the years, his name has become synonymous with a more natural and enlightened form of interaction between men and women… the Ars Amorata, or the art of love.

Zan’s early writings and concepts have heavily influenced today’s international “seduction community”.

Frequently featured as a guest and presenter in many parts of the world, he has never varied from his concept of a more “natural” approach to women, dating, and life.

Zan’s seminars and events sell out immediately and have garnered impressive reviews in every city they have been held, including Montreal, Toronto, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York, London, Panama, Tokyo, Warsaw, and Cape Town.

About Brian Begin
Brian Begin is the founder of FEARLESS. Brian helps students build deep, elite levels of confidence that allow them to achieve success and connect with people at degrees they never believed possible. He is passionate about guiding people in the pursuit of their “dream life.” Brian does this by helping them get underneath the layers of social conditioning and (often unconscious) fears they’ve picked up throughout life to find their most authentic, FEARLESS selves.

Brian specializes in presence work: getting people “out of their heads” (over-analysis) and into a deeper, more conscious relationship with their bodies. This helps students eliminate the noise of their minds and identify the true insecurities, fears, and limiting beliefs that are holding them back. They can then strip all that away to build authentic confidence, be more present to connect with others at profound levels, and find the drive to achieve world-class success. Dating is just one of the specialties at FEARLESS – the confidence and other internal work Brian has created is truly universal and often focused on career and other areas of life.

Brian grew up in a family that struggled with finances and moved often. He found himself shy to the point of agoraphobia-afraid to leave the house-with much of his adolescence spent by himself. It wasn’t until he was 21 that Brian had any success with women, and even then he was a consummate people-pleasing “Mr Nice Guy;” unaware that he was actually being “nice” to get people (especially women) to validate and like him.

It was his first heartbreak that spurred Brian to throw himself into personal development and become a social scientist. After being frustrated by all the girls at a Yoga commune showing him little attention while falling for ”the new guy” – (let’s call him “Adam”) who was fresh out of jail, with no money and no car, he decided to turn it into a learning opportunity and move in with Adam and Adam’s girlfriend. He then spent nearly two decades studying naturally confident men, reading every personal growth book he could get his hands on, and seeking out many high-level mentors and coaches.

As Brian transformed into a highly confident man-free of his previously crippling anxieties and fear-based social “masks”- he moved into coaching. Brian loves to continually challenge his students’ realities and comfort levels with their successes – “if you’re not expanding, you’re shrinking” is one of the bevy of life and success philosophies Brian instills in FEARLESS men and women.

Brian’s journey, his breadth of experiences, and his expertise at picking up on subtleties allow him to help students grow at a constantly evolving rate that’s light years faster than his own progression in his 20s and early 30s. Brian describes himself as a lifelong student – both his personal development and that of FEARLESS coursework is never-ending.

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