Picking Up Girls On An Inspiring Night Game Adventure: Club Game

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Come along on an inspiring two-part night game adventure with Vadim where he documents himself picking up girls over the course of a full night out. In Part 1 he shows you how to build momentum on your way to the club and how to navigate the perilous waters of club game which includes rejections, “bitchy” girls and girls with boyfriends. In this video you will learn how to pick up girls in a more process-oriented way and have fun with it.

You will see many different infield examples of night game with a focus on picking up girls at the club.

Start of our night game adventure(0:26)
Club game infield (4:16)
Real hostility vs expressing herself (7:05)
Being non-reactive during pick up (9:37)
Inviting girls to play a game with you (10:42)
How to pick up girls at the club (12:17)
Moving girls around the venue (17:44)

Learn the art and science of attracting women
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Intro Compilation:
Hurley Mower – Retro

Song 1:
X I X X – Monday

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Hurley Mower – Drank

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Beatowski – Sweet

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