Only LOSERS Make New Years Resolutions!

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Only LOSERS Make New Years Resolutions!

The whole New Years Resolution thing is just a business. People will sell you diets, gym memberships, programs, and god knows what else around this time to cash in on the “New Year” resolution gimmick.

Let me be perfectly clear:

You are a grown man.

If you haven’t taken it upon yourself to build the life you desire, it being January 1st isn’t going to make a lick of difference. Men that have clarity in their lives about who they are, know why they are here, and are truly aligned with their purpose don’t wait for Jan 1 each year to get their shit together. Their shit is together because they live every day full, passionately, working towards making their dreams a reality. When you are doing important work – every moment counts.

So, to become one of those men… Here’s a lost rant I had recorded previously that explains exactly what you need to do.

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