My #1 Golden Relationship Rule – Never make this MISTAKE! | Infinite Man Dating

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My #1 Golden Relationship Rule – Never make this MISTAKE! | Infinite Man Dating

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Hey guys, Mike Diretto here of Today I’d like to give you my definition of love. Love versus infatuation, lust or something like that.

One of the big issues guys have when it comes to the whole ‘dating’ thing is: rushing in way too fast. Both men and women are guilty of this same trait. There are some studies as to who tends to commit sooner and stay committed longer. A book titled ‘Love Factually’ might surprise you with the studies where it reveals that MEN more frequently say ‘I love you first’, push for the relationship etc when you would think it be vice versa.

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One theory on that is that this is an evolutionary response. As we started to evolve and realise that women weren’t just looking for the biggest, strongest guy in the tribe, but guys that could provide, care about them and help support their children as well… The guys that were prone to falling in love faster tended to get their genes into the next session. This can explain why, for some people, it can ‘feel so right’ to fall in love quickly.

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I’d like to use this video today to caution everybody on that. We have another evolutionary process called limerence.

Limerance – Wikipedia:

This is the chemical infatuation that you get for this new person. Some people call it ‘the honeymoon phase’ or ‘new relationship energy.’ This period can last anywhere between a few weeks, to a few years. Sometimes longer if the relationship is secretive or long distance.

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