How To Pick Up Las Vegas Stripper In 5 Minutes | Infield

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There was a time when me putting up of a video of me (or one of my crew) picking up a stripper would have been the greatest victory of all!

Of course, that would have been my PUA ego speaking.

Now, it’s really just a man talking to a girl. Doing his thing. No big deal.

It’s one of those things a man should be able to do.

In this clip, you’ll see my man Ryan Black picking up a stripper (in Vegas! Ugh) but she actually seems pretty cool.

You’ll notice he manages to pull this off without being weird or using ‘creepy’ stuff. He’s a normal dude, having a normal conversation.

Exactly what we’ve been trying to point out for almost 10 years.

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So here’s the video of Ryan Black’s infield ‘pua footage’ where he picks up a stripper – dancer – in Las Vegas. Pick up and number close in 5 minutes. But if you want to see MORE of what Ryan Black is capable of, check out this link to his full channel:

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