How To Chat Up Women

How to Chat Up WomenIf you are tired of watching other guys walk up to girls and start talking to them, you are about to learn ways to be more confident and how to chat up women.

The biggest fear that most men have is the fear of rejection. If you can identify a sign that she is interested before you walk over then you have won half the battle already. Chances are the girl is just as nervous as the guy, and breaking that ice is all that is needed to get the ball rolling. If you want to learn how to talk to girls you simply need to just be yourself and have some fun.

Girls love it when you tease them, so when you see two girls at the bar talking, walk up between them and talk to the girl that you are not interested in. Say in a loud voice that you noticed the other girl was undressing you with her eyes and you are getting uncomfortable. The friend will tell the girl you are interested in that she needs to stop. Ice is now broken, and you can introduce yourself and simply flirt with her. Tell her that it was getting chilly because she kept undressing you with her eyes and you wanted to tell her to stop. She will be caught off guard and act confused, so offer to buy her a drink if she promises not to do it again.

When you are interested in one particular female and you want to learn how to get a girlfriend, one of the best ways to see if she is into you is get her out with some of her friends. Throwing a small party is the perfect setting, or even meeting up with a bunch of friends at a club. Once she shows up, start flirting with one of her single friends. Playfully whisper in her ear, tell her she is smoking hot, and compliment her on her looks every five seconds. If the girl you want is not affected, she may not be into you. Chances are if she is into you, she will start looking for little ways to get your attention too. Once she starts flirting back, you know she is interested in you and you are in the driver’s seat with how far you want to go. Be careful though with flirting with her friend because if you get good at it you may wind up with more than one girlfriend before the night is over.

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