Douchebag Night Club Promoter Picks Up Girls – Night Game & Kiss Close Infield

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In this comedy pickup episode, Vadim plays a douchebag night club promoter and shows how to pick up girls using principles of night game as well as douchey pick up lines. Enjoy his narcissistic rants and his polished street game – which includes a kiss close and a pull.

You will see infield examples of: Street Night Game, Club Game, a Kiss Close and how to get her number among other things…

Night Game Infield (1:35)
“We’re not allowed to kiss, cuz you’re in a committed relationship?” (3:40)
Kiss Close (3:54)
Douchey name dropping (5:42
“You are heavier than you look” (6:19)
Get Her Number (7:39)

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Hustlin – Rick Ross

Save Dat Money Instrumental – Lil Dicky

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