Direct vs Indirect Manifesto to Pick Up Girls (Night Game & Day Game) – PT3 Exceptions

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This is Part 3 of a three part manifesto where Vadim discusses the differences between a direct and an indirect approach to pick up girls in a night game or day game setting. In this video Vadim explores the gray areas and exceptions for when it is appropriate to use an indirect or a direct approach in the classic sense.
He shows that it is especially important to differentiate between how a beginner and someone more experienced should approach in a day game setting. Whereas a beginner should always go direct during day game, someone more experienced could start with an indirect approach and play it by ear depending on the context. Further, while one should usually go indirect in a night game setting, Vadim gives examples of other direct statements that one can sprinkle in to convey intent: i.e. complimenting the girls or asking if she is single.

Here are some highlights and infield demonstrations:

Night game infield – Indirect opener (00:03)
Day game Infield – Indirect opener (2:00)
Approaching girls in the bookstore (4:16)
Day game Infield – Indirect opener (6:23)
If you are less experienced with picking up girls (7:41)
Daygame Infield – Indirect opener (8:29)
Being direct In a nightgame setting (10:23)
Night Game Infield – Direct statement of intent (11:38)
Asking if she is single (13:18)
Summary of Direct Vs Indirect Pick up (13:50)

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