Best Way To Pickup Girls

Have you ever wondered how men in prehistoric times managed to pick up girls? Simple, they just had to prove their strength by slaying animals, showing off their material possession or even challenging other men to fight. Back then that was the best way to pick up girls. Luckily, these days picking up girls is nothing like that. However this does not imply that the process is less aggressive. Just a little bit more subtle that’s all.


Understanding that there are ways to pick up girls that are better than how the average guy goes about it puts you steps ahead of your competitors who are still using the same old pick up line that got out of fashion decades ago. If you want to improve your luck with girls, you have to discover the best way to pick up girls that work and that is exactly what you will find in the following video clip: Best Way To Pick Up Girls and Picking Up Girls On the Subway FAIL – Dave and Ethan

Picking Up Girls On the Subway FAIL – Dave and Ethan

OK, so how does that video portray the best way to pick up girls? Two ways really. One is that nothing will happen to you just by approaching girls and trying to pick them up. The biggest reason why most guy fail to approach girls that they like is that they are afraid that something bad will happen to them. Well I am sorry to disappoint but as long as you act calm and just say normal things you will not lose a hair on your head trying to pick up girls. The second lesson to learn from the video is that the best way to pick up girls is to have confidence and self-belief.  Remember these two lessons next time you see a girl that you will like to seduce.

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